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Em's FNQ Gems

We recently had the privilege of collaborating with an up-and-coming gifting company called Em’s FNQ Gems! The WQ Creative team led a fun and interactive photoshoot for the local brand and the final results not only replicate the client’s desired aesthetic but grant you access into Em’s exclusive offering. 

Ready to take a peek inside?

One thing that you should know about Em’s FNQ Gems is that it is not your ordinary, run of the mill gift box company. These locally sourced items and products are one of the many ways in which you can show your support for local small businesses. Emma, the owner and founder, has taken it upon herself to actively support Cairns and Far North Queensland community by incorporating their goodies and treats into her gifting solutions. 

What adds to the charm of Emma’s gift boxes is her unique ability to transition from a more corporate gifting style to more homely personal gift for loved ones! You also have the option to curate your gift box according to your personal taste, or your company’s taste. Better yet, when you make a purchase from Em, you are guaranteed that each and every gift box has been personally curated specifically for you. Her tailor-made solutions and community support are what make her brand what it is today! 

And so, with all of that said you can see why we were over the moon at the opportunity to work with Em’s FNQ Gems! Not only does this brand share the same mission as us, but it also stands for everything we do at WQ Creative. Basically, this photoshoot was a no-brainer for our team! 

Our plan of action for this shoot was to make her gifts the main focus by neutralising the background. We went for a more modern, fun and bright background that lets the products be the star of the show. The more contemporary styling choice is not only a great way to leave a blank canvas for each gift box to show its personality but also makes for a welcoming visual story! 

We couldn’t be prouder of the final outcome of this shoot, and we look forward to you being able to view all of these images across all of Em’s socials. 

You can check out her page at @ems_fnq_gems

Featuring products from: Scrunch a lot, Blush Body, Kit and Co and 26 Candle Co

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Em's FNQ Gems
A massive thank you to this awesome team! I got some content photos through Hayley, seriously cannot recommend enough! I have a few more things in store and will be using them in the near future!
Emma Rantall - Owner
December 7, 2021
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