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K2 Personal Training

Let’s be honest, staying committed to our overall health and wellness is by no means an easy task. Prioritising self-care may not come naturally to many of us, but that is exactly where the one and only K2 Personal Training comes in. 

The opportunity to work with Kirsty from K2 Personal Training was a no-brainer for our team. We were in awe of her passion and enthusiasm for helping people find their confidence through physical activity. Kirsty is also big on education, meaning that your sessions will be accompanied by thorough explanations, encouragement and empowering moves. 

“My mission is it make people feel good in their own skin. To help people understand the importance of a healthy body, to get the people of Australia moving and appreciating their bodies.” – Kirsty, Owner and Personal Trainer at K2 Personal Training

See why we were obsessed from the get-go!

The WQ Creative team got to go behind the camera lens and create an entire photoshoot for the brand. We were able to not only brainstorm the creative direction for the shoot but initiate all of the post-shoot editing. 

We were also able to create all of K2 Personal Training’s graphic design work including their digital flyers and social media graphics as well! This was a great way for us to not only showcase the amazing values of this company but also show their entertaining, warm energy through fun interactive designs. 

Lastly, our team also created K2 Personal Training’s official website which houses all you need to know about health, wellness and finding your strength. We were able to carve out a space on the internet for K2 Personal Training to showcase the importance of appreciating all that our bodies can do with the help of effective workouts. 

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K2 Personal Training
WQ Creative have a great attention to detail, actually care about the person & their product/web design, not just a number & incredibly helpful with explaining the in's and outs of how it all works. Hayley is very approachable, actually cares, wants only the best, would definitely work with her again.
Kirsty McDermott
Health & Beauty
December 7, 2021
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