Marj Mendoza

Digital Operations Officer
Personality Type:
INFJ-T (Advocate)
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Dare yourself each day to be a blessing to someone.

Hello! I’m Marj, the newest member at WQ Creative, where my engineering background meets my passion for visual arts in the dynamic world of marketing. Although I'm new to marketing, my experience as a virtual assistant in customer service has primed me for a seamless transition. I bring a unique blend of analytical skills and creative flair, ensuring our client projects are both innovative and precisely executed. I might start off shy, but I'm quick to share ideas and create connections, making every collaboration memorable.

When I’m not crafting compelling brand stories, I indulge in my love for literature and family. Whether it’s getting lost in the magical realms of Harry Potter or spending quality time with my loved ones, I cherish moments that inspire and rejuvenate. My commitment to continuous learning and passion for visual arts drive me to help our clients’ brands shine.

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