You can easily take control of your own branding with the help of our quick, easy and effective DIY branding tips. They will absolutely revolutionise how you market your company and how your audience perceives you.

The secret to DIY Branding

Firstly, let me say that I totally understand, starting out in business is full of hidden expenses and steep learning curves. So much so that you might be in the awkward predicament of having to let certain aspects go. Unfortunately, one of the first elements to go is your branding. 

However, brand identity is the foundation for any business – regardless of industry or niche. It's how people will get to know you, how they connect and remember you. So, do not let your branding fall on the weigh side. 

You can easily take control of your own branding with the help of our quick, easy and effective DIY branding tips. They will absolutely revolutionise how you market your company and how your audience perceives you. 

Business vs brand

Contrary to popular belief there is a major difference between your business and your branding. Your business is ultimately an organisation that either sells a product or service to their desired audience. Your brand, however, if like the sprinkles on top of your ice-cream. This his how you showcase your brand’s personality, what you represent and what gives you your competitive edge. 

It is important that you are able to differentiate between these two things. This will help you set the foundations for your awesome, industry-leading DIY branding efforts. 

Ready to get started? Because I definitely am!

The importance of DIY branding

I genuinely cannot stress how incredibly important branding is. That being said if you are a new business starting off finding branding budgets may feel impossible. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot do it internally until you are able to outsource these efforts. 

In fact, dare I say, it is one of the most important elements involved in your company’s success. If you choose to ignore branding strategies your business will miss out on incredible opportunities. Remember that people need to feel compelled to give your business a try, this is only possible with the help of branding. 

So, if there is only one thing that you take away from this blog let it be this: do not neglect your DIY Branding efforts. It is undoubtedly the secret to success. 

Your branding speaks on behalf of you, so let’s make sure that it is saying something worthy of their attention (and their money). 

DIY Branding thoughts to keep in mind

  1. Your logo isn't made for you, it does not matter what you like. Think about what would appeal to your target market.
  2. If you do go with the temporary DIY router for now, remember that you will need to pay for a second logo but also all of your branded assets will also need to be replaced/updated too. Think stickers, business cards, flyers, website, templates. 
  3. One of your key points of difference from your competitor is your quality and attention to detail. What does it say to your customer if that doesn't show in your brand? Your branding efforts should always communicate on your behalf!
  4. You can have the best product, but if your brand doesn't appeal visually to your desired audience, people won't connect. You are new to the market and the Instagram generation is savvy... and judgemental. First impressions do last.
  5. Many of the DIY online websites that make use of to create various branding efforts may be free, but you do not actually own them. Keep that in mind at all times! That just because you chose those assets and use them, doesn’t mean that they belong to you now. 
  6. Repetition, repetition and more repetition are the key to success. I have personally seen the power of repetition in your branding efforts. Make sure to use the same colour palette, logo, imagery styling etc... Be consistent and you will win! 

These insider secrets to DIY branding will help you elevate your business amounts the noise. It will also help you make your mark and gain the attention, audience and loyalty that you deserve. 

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