If you are looking to kickstart your business’s marketing efforts, then you seriously need to look at Google Analytics.

How to use Google Analytics to help your business

If you are looking to kickstart your business’s marketing efforts, then you seriously need to look at Google Analytics.

It is one of the best ways to understand your audience, what is trending and what elements will help drive your company’s success.

Simply put, this little online tool is EVERYTHING. If your company is in the process of creating your next strategy, make sure that Google Analytics is a part of it.

It allows you to access information like never before. You can now easily study and track your customer’s behaviours in order to make sure that your strategies are highly targeted and successful.

Here are 5 reasons you need to start using Google Analytics

Find out where your visitors are coming from

Did your audience come from a quick Google search? Advert? Social media link?

Anytime people interact with your business, it works to your benefit to know where they are coming from. In fact, understanding referral traffic will help you discover the key to a great marketing strategy. Knowing this information will help you understand what technologies and platforms you should invest in.

Making use of Google Analytics means that you can follow your audience’s journey to your company. You can then optimise their experience by ensuring that you focus on meeting them where they are.

It helps you track your goals

I’ll be the first person to tell you that it can easily get overwhelming when you try to keep track of all of your digital assets. What’s doing well? What needs your attention? Especially as a smaller agency, dedicating time to sift through tons of data is easily overwhelming. Well, it was until I started using Google Analytics.

This tool will help you track your progress in terms of your marketing strategies. You can easily keep an eye on your conversion rates and your customer’s journey through your website or campaign.

Pinpoints your ideal keywords

The art to thriving on Google is understanding what your audience is searching for in relation to your business or industry. In order for you to attract traffic to your website or social media pages, you need visibility which you will only get with the help of keywords.  

By making use of Google Analytics, you can easily see which keywords are attracting more visitors. Or even better, you can start including keywords into your existing content to gain more traction.

For example, if you own a footwear brand you may realise that a keyword like ‘shoes’ is too broad and therefore doesn’t bring any traction. Instead, if you include the keyword ‘athleisure footwear ’you might gain more clicks and conversions.

Gives you a sneak peek at your competitors

You always need to know what your competitors are doing. They are also vying for your audience’s attention, so you need to make sure that you are aware of what they’re up to. The best way to understand their existing tactics is with Google Analytics – obviously.

This tool even has a feature called competitor analysis. One click and you can instantly see and compare traffic stats with those of your competitor. Better yet, you can also see how many visitors your competitor is acquiring.

Know why people are bouncing from your site

Many businesses deal with many people going to their website but lack in conversions. If you have been experiencing this then you definitely need to make use of Google Analytics as it is able to track your website bounce rates and help you see why you weren’t able to make a sale. In fact, you even get a detailed report explaining everything.

Some of the key reasons include that your site is not effectively optimised, it isn’t user friendly, the landing page isn’t attractive enough or isn’t responsive. 

The truth is that many people will claim that they have the formula to digital success. Perhaps they’re right, maybe they aren’t, but what I can say with confidence is that if you are looking to not only exist in the digital space, but dominate it, you need to get Google Analytics right now!