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BKP Mechanics

BKP Mechanics’ Story

As an experienced and licensed mechanic, Blye saw the need for a better way to provide servicing and repairs to car owners across Tweed Shire. He saw similar dilemmas every time: vehicle owners feeling ripped off, entering a service shop and walking away only to find out the same problem still persists; and having the feeling that they were left in the dark as their vehicles were handled by the mechanics, because they didn’t understand the process that was happening.

Personally, he saw work days that left him with little to no work-life balance. So, Blye felt it was the perfect opportunity to start his very own business. And with that, BKP Mechanics was founded.

BKP Mechanics may be offering standard car servicing and repair services. But what sets it apart is that it will come to you, and perform whatever’s needed at your most convenient time, at the comfort of your own home. Its owner, Blye Philip, is also committed to transparency every step of the way. So you know what goes on in repairing or maintaining your vehicle.

What BKP Mechanics Needed

Since BKP Mechanics is just starting, there are many ideas flying around on how to get that word out that Blye is already operating it. 

We needed to target the right audience, and quite simply, they’re vehicle owners in Tweed Shire. BKP Mechanics needed to establish its presence with branding that’s reflective of what it offers, plus a clear explanation of what anyone who wants to book the services can expect. 

The Solution We Provided

There are heaps of car servicing and mechanical repair services being offered in Tweed Shire, but most of them can only be found on Yellow Pages, or community groups on social media. This is the perfect opportunity to take things up a notch for BKP Mechanics. To do this, Blye needed help in developing the branding that will make BKP Mechanics more recognisable. So we created a complete branding suite to give the proper feel to this biz.

Apart from this, he needed a way to showcase BKP Mechanics in a more standout way compared to just posting in an online directory. So, a website containing detailed descriptions of the services offered was created too. 

We wanted to go beyond just having a website to market BKP Mechanics’ services, we wanted to help them reach more people. And where else do we do that? Social media! With the assets we created for the branding, we developed templates that are easy to edit, so when contents need to be created, they can easily pull out the templates and get their ideas flowing. 

And because the services provided by BKP Mechanics include constant contact with people, we felt it best to equip this biz with collaterals such as:

  • Car Magnets
  • Business Cards
  • Bumper stickers
  • Service Stickers

As we completed the project, we had the opportunity to see BKP Mechanics’ potential. And because the brand strategy has good intentions for its target market alongside it, we’re excited to see all the places BKP Mechanics can go!

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BKP Mechanics
Hayley from WQ Creative is amazing at everything that she does! She supported our business as we had no idea where to start. Hayley designed our whole business branding: from catch phrases, business cards, logos, website and vehicle signage. She can do it all. She even took us through a workshop to support us in creating a marketing plan. I would highly recommend WQ Creative
Blye Philip
Automobile Servicing and Repair
January 4, 2023
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