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Girls Gotta Work Podcast

The Girls Gotta Work Podcast story

Boss babes out to take on the world with their businesses are some of the most amazing human species ever. The moment they walk out the door, they’re ready to kick ass and make impacts through their businesses. But it can get exhausting sometimes. So when the occasional loneliness and burn out kicks in, it’s great to be able to have biz besties they can lean on. Enter the Girls Gotta Work podcast!

The Girls Gotta Work podcast is Hayleigh’s of Hali Helper and Jordan’s of Scrunch Social brainchild. This rad power duo are badass biz owners themselves, with Hayleigh running a VA agency named Hali Helper and Jordan owning a social media agency named Scrunch Social. They’ve gone through the most hectic days in their biz, rode crazy roller coaster rides to get their respective businesses running and felt the burnout creep in some days. 

They wanted to help fellow biz gals avoid these experiences, and reassure them they’re not alone. So Girls Gotta Work came to life. 

What the Girls Gotta Work Podcast needed

With great power comes great popularity! So when Girls Gotta Work gained more listeners, it was just fitting to have something that amplifies their statement - an answer for busy women in the biz to mundane questions: A Girls Gotta Work tee!

Hayley and Jords wanted a more organised way to promote their merch, gather preorders, process them and more. So we happily helped them sort things out with a brand spankin’ new landing page. 

The solution we provided

We kept it short and sweet, with a landing page that will help the visitor to concentrate in getting their hands on the Girls Gotta Work merch. It has everything the campaign needs in one page. You’ll find:

  • Quick story about how Girls Gotta Work started
  • The merch and its details
  • How to order and the size guide
  • FAQ section 
  • Links to Girls Gotta Work social media pages

To keep it on brand, we laid out the landing page using the fun elements Girls Gotta Work has been known for, with the logo for identification, visually-pleasing and fun colours, plus the fonts for consistency. The on-point copy was provided by none other than Scrunch Social

The result is a landing page with a clear purpose: a way to collate initial orders and continuously promote their merch. And boy, did it ever! At the moment, pre-orders are now closed. 

We can’t wait to see how everything unfolds for the Girls Gotta Work podcast. It’s more fun times ahead for sure!

Listen to their latest episode on Spotify or Apple Podcast

And follow along their journey on Instagram and TikTok

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Girls Gotta Work Podcast
"Where do we even start! Hayley has been the bees knees of web designers for our brand new landing page for our brand new poddy, Girls Gotta Work. Not only was she quick with the turnaround, she was organised, she was a FANTASTIC communicator and nailed the brief the first go. Loved working with WQ Creative and you better believe we will be back for more!"
Jordan Koster
January 4, 2023
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