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Nikki Weedon Interiors

Nikki Weedon Interiors

The Nikki Weedon Interior Design Story

Nikki has always had a penchant for beautifully designed spaces. During her stint in London, she saw how beautiful the spaces there are. Whether it be a home or a commercial space, there’s no shortage of beautifully curated pieces that exude vibrance, life and an invitation to see through the soul of whoever owns the space.

Which is why when she saw the stark contrast between the thoughtfully designed and unapologetically colourful homes in the UK and Australian homes that tend to be more on the minimalist side, she knew she has to bring her design experience back home. Aussies tend to gravitate towards cookie-cutter like home designs, with white walls and fast fashion flatpack home decors you can grab from anywhere.

Nikki wanted to challenge the norm, so Nikki Weedon Interior Design was born. Since coming home to start her biz, Nikki has become committed to designing homes that tell a story, isn’t afraid to break the mould and of course, serves its owners the function that’s needed above all.

What Nikki Weedon Interior Design Needed

As Nikki grew her Interior Design business, building an online presence outside of the usual social media channels is on the horizon. This is where we happily jumped in and talked to Nikki about planning her website. Because Nikki already has excellent copywriting provided to her by Scrunch Social, what we focused on is the website design itself.

The Solution We Provided

We set to work on creating the website Nikki envisions to present to prospective clients. It’s a view of her vibrant personality, a sneak peak to the instant warmth that you’ll feel upon starting a strategy session with her and all the fabulous projects she has gotten her magical hands on. Above all, we created the essential pages that would give the best experience to any website visitor who lands on her page. This includes:

  • The Homepage
  • About Page
  • Portfolio
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Contact Us

Of course, the Nikki Weedon Interior Design website isn’t complete with bursts of colours that are masterfully woven to attract attention and tell her story. Nikki happily provided the imagery that we made use of to give her website more of her personal touch.

As a result, we have a beautiful website with impressive command in colour, design and function, ready to be seen by Nikki’s prospective clients.

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Nikki Weedon Interiors
If I could give WQ Creative 100+ stars I would. Hayley helped me create a new website for my interior design business and she exceeded my expectations by SO MUCH. She was patient, easy going, listened and produced such an amazing website and experience. Process and programs were super easy to follow. 10/10 highly recommend!
Nikki Weedon
Interior Design
June 16, 2023
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