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The Training House

Let’s get physical! 

The WQ Creative team got to work with The Training House. This dream collaboration opportunity was an easy “yes” for our company given the fact that The Training House is amazing. So much so that you’re about to find out just how amazing they are in the next 7 paragraph. 

If you are anything like us, you are absolutely thrilled at the idea of women prioritising their health and wellbeing. So often we give so much of ourselves, our energy and time to other people or other things. So, it was so incredibly refreshing to get to collaborate with a company that prioritises female self-love. After all, self-care isn’t an indulgence it’s a necessity, right? 

The aim of the Training House was to create a safe space for women to find their strength, power and confidence. This company was big on challenging all of the misinformation around training, fitness and health. Co-founders Candy & Julz fundamentally believed that weight loss is not as simple as burning more calories. It is about creating a healthy lifestyle where you nourish and support your body and mind. 

And the best way to do that? By prioritising nutrition!

That’s right, this incredible personal trainer duo have gone and created an exclusive guide that helps you along your nutritional journey. Particularly looking at what you are eating and the nutrients you put into your body. From shopping lists to recipes to a personal meal plan and gruelling work outs. The Training House has it all … and they wanted WQ Creative to be a part of it.

Our team got to create the entire guide for The Training House called “YOUR GUIDE TO SEXY”. Not only did we get to flex our artistic flair with the design of this guide, but we also got to ensure that it was not just aesthetically pleasing but functional too.  

We also had the privilege of creating all of the social media assets that promoted the guide! Oh, and there is more. These amazing women also let us create digital flyers, and the exercise class timetable too. 

Working with The Training House was an incredibly moving experience as these two women continue to be so raw, honest and ready to share their vulnerabilities. These women aren’t just sharing their own personal journeys of self-love but creating room for other women to do the same. 

And we absolutely love that!

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The Training House
Thank you to this amazing team for helping me put to paper my passion, you reenergised my purpose and inspired me by your work ethics. I would highly recommend WQ Creative.
Candis Henry - Founder
Health & Beauty
December 7, 2021
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